About talking friends collection

Talking Tom and Angela – Wonderful Kids FavouritesWhen we say talking friend’s collection, maybe some people think about Skype, Windows live messenger or other internet chat programs. But I am sure that almost everyone heard about popular Iphone talking friends collection.



Talking friend collections on the first way remind us on Talking Tom cat iphone application released by Slovenian team Outfit7. This talking friends collection is the most popular iphone application in the world. One statistic say that this talking friends collection has 390 millions downloads.

Except this talking friends collection, there are a lot of more applications that work on the almost same way. I’m going to show you the best two talking friends collection that I found on internet.

On the first place in this talking friends collection is Tom Talking cat.

Everybody knows about this famous iphone application. Tom Talking cat repeat everything that you say, with very funny voice.

Except that you can feed him with milk, hit him, and you have options on the screen to make him angry. You have all these options with this talking friends collection. More one important thing is that Talking Tom can talk to eight languages.

Talking Santa is second successful application in talking friends collection by Outfit7. If you though that this Santa will wish true you were wrong. This is more one good application from talking friends collection. You can ask Santa everything you want, and he will repeat you with his HO-HO voice. This is very funny application. You can feed him like Tom in first application in this talking friends collection. You have an option to see what’s interesting in Santa’s bag too. This application is available in five languages.